Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Brandy Solera Gran Reserva 40%, Barbadillo

Fairly deep walnut tinged amber with copper highlights and slightest trace of green at rim, legs.
Very pure and clean without too much obscuration from Oloroso; you can really get through to the spirit itself. It is tighter and drier than many with an almost crisp hint of minerality, yet there are naturally traces of Oloroso along with subtle notes of caramel, walnut and wood giving an attractively balanced and interesting aroma with a faint spice note.
Generously flavoured with a hint of sweetness which is balanced by a certain tanginess and a trace of tannin all working together for a truly well integrated brandy. That trace of spice remains leaving a complex and moreish flavour lingering for ages on the palate. An excellent brandy.
Barbadillo has always distilled spirit for fortifying Sherry, but stored in American oak butts it soon became brandy rather than spirit and soleras were established. This 100% holandas brandy is made by the mixto method involving a pre-solera static ageing in American oak from Costa Rica followed by solera ageing in Oloroso seasoned butts made from French oak from Angoulème. This oak is more porous and allows a better interchange between brandy and oxygen as well as providing subtle tannins. The brandy has a total average age of well over 20 years. Every hand-blown crystal bottle is numbered and given a bottling date.
48.25 euros Roali Cash & Carry Fuengirola

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